Wednesday, August 8, 2007

super markets

I went to super market yesterday. My fixed idea is American super market is big and things to buy is also big. My idea was proved to be right. I never have seen such a lot of kinds of sweets and snacks. And each thing is very big. For example, I know Oreos in Japan, but I have never seen mint Oreos. I bought it for my friends. Laura said me that’s flavor is so delicious. So I am looking forward to eating it in Japan with my friends.


Hiromi said...

Hello again, Fumi!
Hahaha, I can see how surprised you were at the size of the sweets in the US. And I think that they are not only big but also sooo sweet! So please don't eat too much. Hahaha~. ^^

Dennis said...

Hello, Fumiha.

It sounds like you have acquired a lot of cultural information through your shopping experiences in supermarkets, the Pentagon City Mall, and elsewhere.

Yes, it's common to find an enormous variety of sweet things--candy, drinks, baked goods, ice cream (and other frozen items), and much more. And it's true that the sweet things are very sweet. I remember one time many years ago, when a Japanese student was staying with me. I made a fresh fruit salad (no added sugar—just fruit) and he couldn't eat it because it was too sweet! He said he ate all the same fruits in Japan, but they weren't nearly as sweet there. That was an interesting intercultural experience for me!

Enjoy your time in Maryland!

Dennis in Phoenix

Dennis said...

Hello again, Fumiha.

I forgot to say how much I liked seeing your photo at the bottom of your blog. It's very nice indeed!

Dennis in Phoenix

Nina Liakos said...

We Americans eat too many sweets! We would be better off eating more like you do. :-)

Laura said...

Fumiii~ I do like them, but I think if you eat too many of them at once they'll be much too sweet! I hope you enjoy them!