Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yesterday afternoon, we went to White House. I had already seen it far from in Washington. So I looking forward to seeing it and, I want to see more close. But because of security, we couldn’t see so close, which was a pity not to see nearby it. Consider the importance of American president, it is natural. Even so there are a lot of tourists. Of course, I was also such a tourist.

Tomorrow, we will go back to Japan. These about two weeks will not forget. I want to say thank you for people who wrote comments to my blog, or be kind to me in U.S. Thank you so much!!


Hiromi said...

Hello, Fumi!
I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed visiting the White House. ^^ I also thought that I wanted to go inside of the White House last year!

It's been my pleasure to leave comments on your blog, and I really enjoyed it! I hope that you'll keep blogging after you go back to Japan. ^^

Nina Liakos said...

Dear Fumi, as I write this, you are on the plane, heading home to Japan. I hope you are having a nice flight. Perhaps you are sleeping, or maybe you are watching a movie or eating Japanese food! I've been making Bubbleshare albums to add to the blog from all the pictures I took during the past 2 days (a lot!). I won't forget these two weeks either, and I was very happy to meet you and to be a part of your American adventure!
Hugs, Nina

Ji Won said...

Dear Dear Fumiha,

I very much enjoyed mentoring for you this year, for your joyful and delightful smile helped me forget all about the deadly heat! I wish you the best in everything that you do, and I look forward to talking to you very soon through facebook, blogs, and chats. Have a goodnight sleep, and see you soon!

Ji Won